“In 2005, at the age of 84, I had a heart surgery with Dr. Alexandre, whom my cardiologist had recommended. I was very well assisted by his team in all phases of the surgery. In the preoperative period Dr. Alexandre made me quite at ease, with many explanations and guidance, making me quite confident. I underwent all exams without any problem and my postoperative recovery was very good. A week later I was back home.

Five years later, at 89, I decided to make a dream come true, i.e., hang gliding. I had all the necessary exams so as my doctor would give me his ok. All in all, my health was perfect. I flew twice.

Now, at 92, my challenge is to go paragliding. I believe I am in perfect shape and that the doctor will let me go on. I am not so sure about my wife letting me go ….”


At the age of 36, after having my first echocardiogram, I found out that I had a rare heart tumor. I had no symptom whatsoever and led a normal life, even practicing radical sports such as skating and climbing. What a fright!

At first I was astounded, not knowing what to do. Since it was an unusual case the doctors at first had different opinions about the prognosis while the exams would not allow for the type of tumor to be perfectly identified. It was a period of much uncertainty...

During that time, I relied on two very special people, doctors Mauro Tenenbaum and Paulo Samuel Santos Filho. Dr. Mauro instructed me in regard to the first exams and firmly stood by me at the moment of the initial shock. Then, I was very lucky to meet Dr. Paulo Samuel who guided me in the more specific exams and who, finally, introduced me to Dr. Alexandre Siciliano.

Right at my first contact with Dr. Alexandre I perceived the confidence of a professional of much technical competence coupled to a deeply human look. He gave me all the information that allowed me to quite confidently opt for the surgery although I was aware of all the risks implied in such a major surgery.

The surgery was successful and the tumor was totally removed. I recovered well at hospital and, when I went home I still counted on Dr. Alexandre’s support to clarify any questions in regard to both possible symptoms and medication.

On 03/12/2013 my surgery completed one year!

Today my heart is excellent and full of dreams! :)


During many years I prepared myself to undergo a single valve surgery, but a day earlier it was found that there would be two valves in addition to a plastic surgery in the third valve plus a mammary one. It was a highly complex surgery that took 11 hours.

During the process, Dr. Alexandre, with his transparence and calmness, kept both my family and myself well informed. He made me feel quite confident. Despite the high complexity the surgery was successful. That was on February 1st, 2007.

Dr. Alexandre is a renowned surgical doctor, of great scientific knowledge. His professional capacity, besides his young age, (even younger six years ago), inspires a lot of confidence. Through his sensitiveness, easiness and transparence, as our doctor/patient relationship increased, also increased our appreciation, affection and friendship.

However, three years later, I took a trip to Toscana, in Italy. Given the circumstances, despite taking an anticoagulant, I developed a clot. I was promptly hospitalized, but as I was away from my country, I turned to Dr. Alexandre. He immediately got in touch, via telephone, with the doctor who was taking care of me and gave him all the necessary instructions about the procedures to be performed. Once again all went fine.

My concept of Dr. Alexandre is that, besides being a doctor and a surgeon, he is a reliable person, calm, transparent and above all, a friend.